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  2. COPYRIGHT? 2018  綿陽富邦電控設備有限公司 
    備案號:蜀ICP備08102756號  網站建設:中企動力 成都二分



          綿陽富邦電控設備有限公司創建于一九九九年六月,系四川省高新技術企業,座落于西 部科技城綿陽經濟技術開發區,占地67.8畝,是西南地區專業生產直流電源及配套電力設備的廠家。

          我公司技術力量雄厚,電氣自動化、自動控制、儀器儀表機械制造、電化學等各類專業 技術人才占員工總數30%以上,綿陽國家級科研院所的科研和人才勢,致 力于GZG10系列直流電源、DY系列智能交直流一體化電源、通信電源、GZD系列整流電源、 智能交流電源、消防EPS電源、UPS電源、溫度故障定位系統、智慧運維平臺等產品的開發應用、生產、 銷售與服務。

         公司遵循“精心設計,精心制造,精心服務,精益求精,力創精品”的企業理念,本著“以 行業精品為產品目標,追求卓越;以顧客滿意為服務標準,樹立典范”的質量方針,嚴格執 行IS09001: 2008質量管理體系,使產品技術水平處于同行前列。

         公司產品使用的國家和地區有:中國、越南、巴基斯坦、緬甸、土耳其、埃塞俄比亞、 伯利茲等;涉及的行業有:電網、水電、火電、風電、通信、太陽能、石油化工、交通運輸、 礦山機械、鋼鐵水泥、建筑樓宇等。通過國內外用戶在各行的運行,公司產品深受用戶的 信賴與好評。

         科技是公司發展的先導,質量是公司生存的條件,優質服務是公司的宗旨。我們以軍工 企業的“嚴肅認真、周到細致、穩妥可靠、萬無一失”的工作作風,不斷提高產品的技術含量,確保產品質量以高度的資信能力,竭誠與客戶攜手合作,共展宏圖。


    About Us
    Established in June 1999, Fubang Electrical Control Co., Ltd (hereinafter mentioned as “Fubang”) is a provincial high and new tech enterprise of Sichuan. Fubang locates at the Economic and Technical Development Zone of Mianyang, the science and technology city of west China, covering land area of 678mu. It is one of the biggest professional manufacturers of D.C power units and auxiliary power units in southwest China.
    Fubang owns strong technical strength and more than 30% of its employees are technicians specialized in electric automation, mechanical manufacturing and electrochemistry and other fields. Besides that, by fully making use of scientific research and talents advantages of national-level research institutions in Mianyang, Fubang is dedicated in developing, application, producing, marketing and service of electric products including GZG10 series D.C power supply, DY series smart D.C and A.C integrated power supply, communicating power supply, GZD series rectifier power supply, microcomputer excitation power supply, intelligent A.D power supply, fire emergency power supply, UPS power supply and middle voltage inverters.
    Fubang adheres to the corporate philosophy of “Elaborate Design, Elaborate Manufacturing, Exquisite Service, Excellent Quality and Exquisite Products” and abides by the quality policy of “take industry fine products as the target of products to pursue for excellence, take customer satisfaction as the target of service to set models”. Fubang implements ISO9001:2008 quality control system closely, making its products always rank top among similar products. 
    Fubang has distributed its products to abroad countries and regions including Vietnam, Pakistan, Myanmar, Turkey, Ethiopia and Belize, etc, involving fields of power grid, hydroelectric, thermal power, wind power, communication, solar energy, petrochemical, traffic and transport, mining machinery, steels and cements, construction and buildings. Fubang products are highly praised by users at home and abroad after being applied in different fields. 

      Science and technology are leading powers for our development while quality is essential to our survival and considerate service is our tenet. We are carrying out the “serious and conscientious, considerate and careful, solid and reliable, secure and riskless” work style specialized in military industry enterprises to constantly improve our quality and technology; we will cooperate with our users sincerely with our powerful strength, to create a bright future for both of us!
       Corporate Value: Quality Tells the Dignity of Fubang
       Corporate Philosophy: Elaborate Design, Elaborate Manufacturing, Exquisite Service, Excellent Quality and Exquisite Products

    Brands and Honors

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